Shop Detailing and Design

LeedSteel has offsite drafting capabilities and can partner with engineering design companies to provide project specific design details for complex projects.

Programs utilised include:
TEKLA drafting software for 3D modelling, design development and drafting to produce reports, fittings and assembly drawings to meet project Engineers and Architects specifications. With the use of an in house traceability system known as StruMIS all correspondence between client and shop detailer are at the fingertips of our highly experience management team to ensure the process is effortless.

Quality Assurance Traceability and Production Management

LeedSteel has deployed Acecad software’s revolutionary StruMIS Evolution production control software to assist in estimating, procurement and production control of the entire fabrication process.

With StruMIS on board LeedSteel can provide an extensive traceability of the project to fullfil the full Q.A needs of the client.


LEED Steel operates from a modern, purpose built 4000m² workshop. The facility consists of two bays 88m long. The first bay contains the fully automated beamline including associated cutting, pressing and pre-cambering machinery, while the second bay houses two fabrication speed lines, where our product is attended to from fabrication through to welding and eventually finishing up in our purpose built post blast/painting booth.

LEED Steel has a policy of ensuring that all of our welders are pre-qualified and that their qualifications are renewed on a regular basis as per Australian Standards. All welding procedures and welder qualifications are readily available and can be submitted upon request.

LEED Steel has a dedicated team of QA personnel. These staff members are responsible for ensuring that every piece of fabricated steel adheres to our high standards. Each piece of steel is checked and signed off prior to welding and prior to dispatch. Based on this approach LEED Steel is committed to ensuring our clients receive their timely outcome as required.

LEED Steel specialise in:

  • Light to heavy fabrication and erection of structural steel.
  • Commercial, retail and residential buildings.
  • Infrastructure Projects.
  • Plate work.
  • Storage Bins/Tanks.
  • Conveyors/Hoppers.
  • Bridge beams.
  • Mining.

Beamline Processing

LEED Steel has the latest CNC automated beam line equipment available for your steel fabrication processing requirements:

  • Cutting – to a maximum width of 1100mm, with mitring
  • Drilling – to a maximum diameter of 40mm.
  • Coping – to a maximum width of 1250mm.
  • In-line blasting and painting.

Plate Processing

LEED Steel has the latest technology in steel plate processing equipment:

  • Sheets: – to 2500mm wide.
  • Sheet thickness:- 6mm – 100mm.
  • Drilling to 75mm diameter.
  • Countersinking and Tapping.
  • Inline marking (part scribing).
  • Thermal control cutting via oxy fuel or plasma.
  • End and face milling.
  • Processing checker floor plate.

Surface Treatment

LEED Steel prides ourselves on achieving the highest possible standards for our client, with full traceability on each processes and the ability to supply this at request, our client can be assured that they are receiving a quality product.
Our facility consist of:

  • Floor heated, fully enclosed 6.5m wide x 3.5m high x 32m long paint booth.
  • 5.6m wide x 3.1m high x 16m long blast booth.
  • Inline pre-blast Wheelabrator blast machine.

Our paint shop staff have a vast experience to undertake painting of virtually any fabrication project and regularly applying paint systems such as:

  • Inorganic zinc silicate.
  • Red oxide primers.
  • High build epoxy systems.
  • Polyurethanes.

Transport & Erection

LEED Steel has built many relationships with both rigging and transport subcontractors across the country, which have proven to deliver their services to LEED Steel’s high standards. Coupled with LEED’s project management team our clients can be ensured that their project can be delivered and erected on time every time.

Robotic Welding

Our robotic welders consist of one dual cell robot and one single cell robot.

Both are qualified to AS1554 weld standards in multiple positions and also obtain full strength welds.

  • 360 degree rotation capacity
  • Dual cell has the ability to weld in sync on one item or individually on two separate items
  • Single cell robot with 2 rotating beds for ease of load and unload
  • Qualified to 6mm fillets in the 1F (flat) position, 2F (horizontal) position, 4F (overhead) position
  • Qualified to full strength in single and double bevel situations
  • Qualified to weld 4-16mm fillet welds