With facilities based in Albury Wodonga, LEED Group specialise in the manufacture of:

  • Light to Heavy Steel Components and Products.
  • Agricultural and Farming Equipment.
  • Storage Bins and Tanks.
  • Conveyors and Hoppers.
  • Mining.

Beamline Processing

CNC automated beam line equipment for steel processing requirements

  • Cutting – to a maximum width of 1100mm, with mitering
  • Drilling – to a maximum diameter of 40mm.
  • Coping – to a maximum width of 1250mm.
  • In-line blasting and painting.

Plate Processing

  • Sheets up to 2500mm wide.
  • Sheet thickness of 6mm – 100mm.
  • Drilling to 75mm diameter.
  • Countersinking and Tapping.
  • Inline marking (part scribing).
  • Thermal control cutting via oxy fuel or plasma.
  • End and face milling.
  • Processing checker floor plate.

Other Services

Shop Detailing and Design

LEED Group has offsite drafting capabilities and can partner with engineering design companies to provide project specific design details for complex projects.

Programs utilised include:
TEKLA drafting software for 3D modelling, design development and drafting to produce reports, fittings and assembly drawings to meet project Engineers and Architects specifications. With the use of an in house traceability system known as StruMIS all correspondence between client and shop detailer are at the fingertips of our highly experience management team to ensure the process is effortless.

Quality Traceability and Production Management

LEED Group has deployed Acecad software’s revolutionary StruMIS Evolution production control software to assist in estimating, procurement and production control of the entire manufcturing process.

With StruMIS on board LEED can provide an extensive traceability of the project to fullfil the full Q.A needs of the client.


LEED Group’s fleet of transport vehicles in conjunction with our connections with several transport subcontractors across the country, our clients can be assured that their project can be delivered on time every time.

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